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    August 15, 2010
    5:00 - 5:59pm PDT  

. some north bay residents trying to find out what mail was lost when fire ripped through a post office. >> a gang related shooting in the mission district leaves three hurt. >> park rangers call it serious vandalism. who they think is behind the illegal destruction of trees. >> and it's back to school in the bay area. we will see what happens to students at a south bay school damaged by fire. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu channel 2news at
five. >> good evening. i'm ken wayne. >> i'm maureen naylor. we start in the north bay where investigators are trying to determine what caused the destructionive fire that gutted a historic post office. at this hour some residents don't know if their mail was destroyed. we have the latest. >> reporter: a quiet city of about 11 think thousand where not much happens. today this is the talk of the town. the downtown post office burned up yesterday evening. a fire that started in the front of the building and brought 60 plus firefighters rushing in from surrounding communities. >> after a couple hours, it went to a 4th alarm. they were unsuccessful in containing the fire. it spread through the rooftop. >> reporter: now what remain social security a shell of a building. >> this is kind of the heart of heels bug.
>> reporter: all day residents stopped stared, many worried about their mail. if it was there and i lost it i will have to make several phone calls and asking people to be understanding. >> reporter: the renters of the more than 1700 post office boxes may have reason to concern but most who dropped off mail yesterday don't. >> i was here until 3:30 and we pulled all the collection mail up until 3:30 in the afternoon. i took it over to the other office. >> reporter: long time residents say this former safeway store has been more than a place to drop off mail. >> this is heart breaking because it was never the most attractive building but it was the center of town. >> they were talking about tearing down not long ago and people -- it brings everybody downtown and you saw everybody you knew and it helped the local shopping. it's a shame to looset. >> reporter: now it's closed maybe for good and that's bad
news for one woman whose bookkeeping office sea cross the street. >> people would come across for a notary. >> reporter: officials say residents shouldn't worry about service interruption because deliver res will continue out of the newer post office. as of right now officials say there is no indication this fire was the product of arson. as far possible cause one investigator said this is an old building with old wiring. ktvu channel 2news. >> oakland police investigating two separate shootings overnight. they arrested one person and took three guns related to a shooting at tenth in the china town district. one person had a minor gun shot wound but has refused to give details of that shooting to police. five hours earlier a man was shot near the intersection of crosby and foothill. police questioned six suspects in the shooting but have made
no arrests. the victim was taken to the hospital and was reported in stable condition. there is no word on what prompted the shootings. the san francisco police gang task force is investigating an early morning shooting in the city's mission district. one man was critically injuried two wounded. they were standing at 17th and mission streets just before midnight when a man opened fire and fled on foot. no arrests have been made. police believe the shooting was gang related. >> in marin investigators trying to find out who vandalizes half a dozen trees. rangers called them serious and say they have one idea of who might be behind it. we are live with the story. >> the beach mark is very popular and it's easy to see why. the view is beautiful and rangers think that's why a neighbor or neighbors took it on themselves to improve their
view. that meant cutting down trees on county property. evidence of the illegal cutting on the hillside in beach park is easy to spot. rangers say monday night while they were busy on a project someone with a chain shaw cut the top of one of the trees off and cut the limbs back on a half dozen more. branches still litter the grounds, sections of trunk left where they fell and rangers say the holes in the trees the special spike foot wear to climb them could kill at least one. long time residents among those complaining. >> my father used to come out here and fish on that point right out there. at that time there was -- it was just beach and then they slowly fixed it up over the years. >> reporter: word has spread throughout southern marin and it seems most are condemning. >> i picked up the paper and read about them cutting some
trees. i couldn't believe that anybody would do that. it took so long to make it the beautiful place it is. >> reporter: residents can apply for short term use permits to cut back vegetation obstructing the view. the illegal cutting operation opened up the view for one house in particular. now sheriff's deputies investigating park users say they would like to see whoever is responsible brought to justice. >> i think it's horrible. >> reporter: what should happen? >> i think there should be a huge fine and maybe have to plant another tree or something. >> reporter: we rang the call box for the home that would most benefit from the illegal clearing got no response. cutting trees on county land is a crime and the county can fine up to three times the value of the trees affected. we are hearing the homeowner's
association is also investigating. we are live. >> a handful of demonstrators showed support for -- they gathered in front of city hall. he was convicted of manslaughter. protesters say the shooting of oscar grant was an accident and the public ignores that police officers risk their lives ins line of duty. >> we want to come out and say thank you to them and tell them we appreciate them. we also want to send the message that he was wrongly convicted of manslaughter and we would like to see him set free. >> no counter protesters showed up. the third one in support of the former bart police officer. he will be sentenced in november. he faces five to 14 years in prison. >> a 30-year-old man set to be arraigned tomorrow on murder charges in the shooting death of a pittsburgh man. he is a accused of killing the
35-year-old hector sanchez last wednesday. he led police on a freeway chase before he finally gave up. investigators say the shooting resulted from a dispute between the two men. boston authorities say the craigslist killer accused of killing a woman after answering her add has committed suicide. a spokesman for the suffolk county sheriff office said he was found this morning in the jail the. is no official word yet on how he died but officials say he was found in his cell alone and the evidence indicates he took his own life. the 23-year-old medical student was accused of robbing and assaulting two women who put adds for massage services on craigslist. one of them was killed. >> let's get our first check of the weather. mark in the weather center. looked more like summer. >> reporter: yeah. temperatures warmed up over yesterday's highs. this is the latest on the satellite image and we have
patchy fog lingering near parts of the bay area shoreline. even that low cloud deck lifting, especially toward the head lands. as far as current temperatures just updated. san francisco 60 degrees. look at the 80s toward fairfield and concord. livermore 76 and san jose at a lower 70s at 71. forecast in the short term is this with mostly clear skies, patchy costal fog that will dedevelopping late tonight. that fog bank into the bay. evening temperatures upper 50s for the beaches, right around the bay in the 60s. temperatures inland on either side of 70. for tomorrow if you are monday -- most areas starting out in the 50s at 7:00 you can see what happens in to the afternoon. then the temperature range and tomorrow will be warmer than today. there is that 90-degree contour coming back and one neighborhood approaching 90 degrees will be antioch. temperatures warming up tomorrow on average three to six degrees from today's highs. antioch tomorrow morning at
7:00. partly cloudy. increase there sun. look at that forecast high of 91 degrees. most of the bay area warms up. we will look at numbers. >> all right. thank you. still to come, much more still to come here on ktve channel 2news at five. >> school starts tomorrow in a south bay elementary school devastated by fire just a few weeks ago. i will have a live report. >> the trip lasted just 27 hours but many hope the president's visit to the gulf coast this weekend will have a lasting impact. >> the wind power industry growing rapidly. why it's good news. >> and a series of terror attacks across iraq less than two and a laugh weeks before combat troops are scheduled to pull out.
. it's back to school for thousands of bay area children and while there is always a certain amount of worry for some, some san jose students
face an evening bigger challenge after their school was damaged by fire. we are in san jose with details. >> reporter: here at trace elementary in the rose garden area most students will be reporting to portable classrooms like the ones you see behind us when school starts tomorrow. two thirds of the school burned down in a fire july 5th. investigators think it was arson but they have made no arrests. today due to community and business donations teachers ready to welcome students. >> excited anxious, you know, both -- worried about what is not quite here yet but i think that -- the whole district has done a great job. >> reporter: bridgett hung name tags for the student who will walk in tomorrow and has made a welcome sign. it contrast was the loss teachers suffered in the fire just six weeks ago. >> everything, everything.
every single thing i collected for 17 years. >> i was devastated. i mean a lot of the stuff that i lost could be replaced but there are also things my childhood, thing its family friends gave me. >> reporter: kelsey is filling up the white board of her room instruction force her third graders. >> just the out powering the community and the support from the staff and administration has been great. >> though its been just a horrible situation, the community has -- the spirit of the community has been just amazing. not just with in the boundaried areas of trace but across the nation. >> reporter: parents are trying to raise more money. today they hung this sign urging people to vote for them on facebook. they are contending to win a half million dollars in a contest sponsored by kolhl's. >> to support the arts, support our teachers and to provide possibly better fire protection. >> reporter: some parents are
trying to convince the district to rebuild trace with sprinklers and an automated fire alarm action something a loophole in state law allows some districts to skimp on. rebuilding still 18 months to two years away. tomorrow the only number they are worried about is 999, that's the number of students including david rodriguez who will report to school. he remembers the fire. >> i was sad. >> reporter: now? >> i'm good. >> reporter: more than kind of good. businesses and community groups have donated $100,000 and that figure is growing. live in san jose. ktvu channel 2news. >> a new survey shows gas prices have ricen to their highest level since the end of apriln. oakland the price of a gallon
rose 4.5 centss to $3.20. san francisco gas is up 3-cent. in san jose it's now selling for $3.19 a gallon which is up 3.7 cents. the prices more than 8% above the five-year average for this time of the year. midwest egg producers recalling eggs including here in california. an iowa company is recalling eggs in eight states. some of them are packaged under the lucern labels as well as ralph and albertson labels. the shells may be contaminated salmonella. customer dear s can return them for a refund. >> the president and first family spent part of their weekend in the gulf coast. it was the president's 5th visit since the massive oil spill and he promised not to turn his back on the struggling area. mike has the details on the
short but symbolic trip. >> reporter: the president wrapped up his 5th visit to the gulf since the spill and promised to restore the economy and the environment. the president, first lady and daughter went for a boat ride for about 40 minutes today. they were greeted by a dolphin an image people hope will encourage americans to book their next vacation in the area. businesses here lot of the entire tourist season that drives the local economy. officials say the visit was great, they wish it was longer than 27 hours but they appreciate the obama's coming here. an image that thrilled many along the gulf coast was seeing the president and his daughter having fun in the water. business owners recognize it's been on tv and newspapers and on the internet showing a good time in the emerald green surf before leaving the president made a pledge that he won't turn his back on the area. >> my job is make sure we live
up to the responsibility. that we keep up our efforts until the environment is clean, polluters are held responsible, businesses and communities are made whole and the people of the gulf coast are back on their feet. >> reporter: they want to make sure tourists return to the beaches, hotels and restaurants here along the gulf. traveling the president in panama city beach florida. >> the berkeley national lab said the wind power industry is expanding rapidly creating well paying job that are difficult to export. the report said power created by wind increased by a factor of five between 2004 and 2009. the number of turbine companies brew from five to 16 in that time. analysts say many of those jobs will remain in the united states due to the high cost of transporting turbine that can weigh as much as 400-tons each. >> coming up on the news, a
new threat to the millions of refuges left homeless by floods in pakistan. >> sciencists gather to look at threat of climate change that may be responsible for the fires and floods all over the world. . and word that the president may not get his wish to withdraw troops afghanistan as soon as next summer.
. the commander of united
states forces in afghanistan warned a scheduled withdraw of troop there next july may not happen on time. the general said he would advice the president to delay withdrawal in necessary and that his advice would be based on conditions inside afghanistan. >> it's not about us winning hearts and minds, it's about the afghanistan government wins hearts and minds. this isn't to say there is any kind of objective. afghanistan good enough is good enough. >> the taliban still controls large parts of southern afghanistan. the president has ordered an official review of the war in december after which the white house is expected to form plans for a withdrawal strategy. thousands of troops are leaving iraq every week with the goal of 50,000 left in iraq by the end of august. soldiers coming home to another battle, this one economic. kate baldwin has the story. >> looking up security and law
enforcement type jobs that they might be offering. >> reporter: richard wilkes has served the national guard for five-years fighting eight months in iraq only to return home in 2008 so a new battle he never expected, the fight to find a job. >> i was putting out resume after resume, i would have some interviews and just didn't ge hired. >> reporter: frustrated he turned to the only place he flew would hire. >> i went back overseas because i couldn't find work. it's -- i volunteered to go back to iraq. >> reporter: employers are required by law to hold jobs for reservists called to duty and are banned from discriminating against someone because of their military service. soldiers like wilkes fear their service makes employers reluctant to take them on. >> they don't want to take the time to hire someone and have them deployed. >> reporter: he is back home
once again and again facing the same transition to civilian life without work. he is not alone. the jobless rate among veterans who have served since 9/11 rose to 11.8%. the national rate is 9.5%. the national guard said this is especially troubling among their ranks. >> they have skills and they have training that should in a good economy give them an edge over their peers. >> what is the reality? >> the edge is gone because they are getting lost in the volume of people. >> reporter: unemployment is such a big issue for the army national guard that some states testing out programs to help their part time soldiers. a captain reasons one such program in maryland. >> what i'm doing is in this the sea throwing a life ring for them and pulling it. >> reporter: the help includes
resume tips, interview coaches and a database of military friendly employers and job openings. >> they deserve the help because they stepped forward. >> reporter: richard continues his search. a tough economy, another tough battle ahead, any regrets? >> no. i love serving in the military and i love serving my country. >> reporter: kate baldwin. >> in news of the world in baghdad insurgents killed 19 this weekend in a series of attacks meant to undermine public confidence in iraqi security forces before the united states withdrawal of all combat troops at the end of the month. today they fired on worshipers leaving a mosque killing three and wounding two. in israel the government started removing a concrete wall surrounding a jewish neighborhood. it was put up ten years ago to
protech the 30,000 residents from palestine sniper fire. the military said security in the area has improved allowing the removal of the wall. the government considers the neighborhood part of jerusalem while palestine thinks its part of the occupied territories. pakistan fights broke out for food and water. at least 1500 people have been killed following unexpectedly severemonsoon rains that flooded a fifth of the country. it's the worst natural disaster one ever witnessed. the united nations has confirmed the first case of chol era following the floods. sarah visited a makeshift clinic where they fear a new wave of death could sweep through. >> reporter: we are here in side what is normally a high
school but here its been turned in to a makeshift clinic where hundreds of thousands of people are trying to find out what to do. they are lost their homes and they can't stay there. people have brought lots of things. you will see livestock, a chicken there, they have brought whatever it is that is left that they feel like can help them survive this. we are over here where one family is sitting and one of the concern social security the health of the people and what they are going to do and there is a lot of problems. they have six children and you will notice their little girl here is only one and a half and notice how thin she is. she was already sick before this flood and now she is having problems that really put her in danger. the family very worried. the mother pregnant. these are some of the things happening to families right now while the flooding has already destroyed their homes, it's starting to subside a bit.
the real concern now, the health of the people who are left with nothing. . >> the world's leading climate sciencists will meet in colorado this week to create an early warning system to predict extreme weather events. some believe the unprecedented fires and heat in russia and the monsoon floods in pakistan are early warning signs of climate change. organizations hope to develop climate models that will help them predict extreme weather, giving governments time to cope with the problems. still ahead on the news, we will have details on a deadly accident at a off road race in the california desert. >> the catholic church is broadcasting a new call for people to return. if it's working. >> one of cal example's best loved marine mammals appears to be failing. >> and despite the economic times managers at the airport
say business is growing. tom will bring us that story.
. when is came up and caught air and got a little sideways and i saw people start rushing and when it hit it rolled on top and just hit people. >> eight people killed, 12 wounded last night in the mojave desert during the california 200 off road race. the area is so remote it took helicopters more than half an hour to reach the scene. two of the injured died on their way to the hospital.
it's raising questions about off road racing. unlike nasa the sport hasn't required crowd safety barriers. the company that runs the prison for three convicts escaped july 31st said today that the warden and a security chief are resigned. that as marshalls released new photographs of the last convict still at large. officials also circulating pictures of the woman believed to have helped the men escape and is on the run. investigators believe they are somewhere in western montana, the northwest or possibly in canada. >> membership in the catholic church here has fallen in recent years. they have started a new campaign to bring those who left back into the fold. >> reporter: the catholic church is the largest denomination in the united states but it's losing members. according to a study one out of ten american adult social
security a former catholic. 71% said they left because their needs weren't being met. >> we are catholic, welcome home. >> reporter: now the church is working to bring them back with a campaign called catholics come home. >> inactive catholics, those who for whatever reason have stopped coming to church and stopped participating in the life of their parish and to let them know that we want them to be a part of our family. >> reporter: one of 17 in the country to sign un. a website is up now and the tv adds will start airing in selected market around christmas and then easter. >> i think it's a good idea because a lot of people probably like me who are younger that maybe fall in to the trap of thinking whatever you wants freedom. >> reporter: americans change religiousa fillations early and often and the catholic church has suffered the greatest loss. bringing them back in to the fold will take a lot more than
a slick marketing campaign. if we start saying you may come home if, as long as you don't practice birth control, as long as you aren't in favor of the order nation of women, i think their last days will be more painful than their first. >> reporter: they are seeing some success, the test market of phoenix arizona saw a 90,000 member increasen. new york lauren green, fox news. >> when we return, there is a bright spot in the bay area economic landscape. why the travel industry is booming at san francisco airport. >> and a slight change in store for the start of the workweek. mark will be up next with what to expect.
. that destroyed a build that housed a state supreme court for decades. after the rubble is cleared crews will start building a new, complex, that will be named after the governor that defended the rights of japanese americans after pearl harbor. >> the sea otter population continues to fall with less than 3,000 left. sciencists are trying to find out what is behind it. we have the story from moss landing. >> reporter: the sea otters charming, playful and dying, despite federal protections. now sciencists working to find out why numbers down to just over 27 and the number of pups is down 11%. >> we are still seeing the right amounts of pups being born, what's happening adult females dying at to high numbers. >> there is something more going on in the environment and
it's hard to figure out what it is. >> reporter: they just finished their yearly otter cent sauce counting southern otters the santa barbara line to just south of san francisco. along with falling numbers they found that their range of habitat has fallen by 30 miles. the causes of the population drop likely include disease, coastal pollution, food shortage, even heart failure and shark attack. sciencists are trying to determine which is doing the most damage. >> what is really needed right now is the sound science to try to understand what stressors are most responsible for causing mortality and particularly in those most important segments, in the females. >> reporter: they say the falling numbers a wake up call, a chance to raise awareness and do something before it's to late. >> good for kids and their parents to know that at some point we have to make changes
and have to understand that the sea otters going to go away. >> reporter: the next is to study populations up north in conidia and alaska where they seem to be doing well. the hope is they will better understand what's going wrong and how to help the southern sea otters. in moss landing. >> the sun came out in most parts today for a nice sunday. let's go right to mark for a look at what's ahead. a lot of people starting school tomorrow. >> reporter: little bit of a bump in the numbers. tomorrow will be the warmest day of the period. get ready for more fog, cooler temperatures. right now i can show you n we are tracking the fog once again as we do come in tighter here, closer to the coastline. still lingering patches around pacifica and half moon bay. move the map up to the forth. dioqu see san francisco downtown in the clear.
out towards parts of the sunset district, patchy fog but clear skies at the golden gate bridge. the cloud deck on the increase. live look right now. couple cameras picked out across the bay. golden gate in the distance 59 degrees. san jose in the lower 70s. still a bit of haze in the south bay. highs from today you can see the range from 59 pacifica to 79 santa rosa, warm spot in antioch 86. still today we had the cool temperatures coast side. the warm numbers inland. patchy fog expected overnight. temperatures up a few degrees for monday. then by tuesday we introduce cooling temperatures for wednesday, thursday and friday. you will see the changes reflected on the five-day forecast. this pretty much is the deal for tomorrow. high pressure strengthening, pushing back into northern california. tomorrow the warmest day of the period but as we take it into the extended forecast you can see what happens. this has been the weather story
quite a bit. some area of low pressure moving in from the north. that coupled with the stronger on shore breeze will push in more fog and temperatures like we are advertising will be kuehling off by midweek. as far as the forecast for tomorrow morning, areas of fog focused coast side, around the bay, possibly drizzle once again in those readings in the low to mid50s first thing tomorrow and then into the afternoon hours increasing sun. we could still have patchy coastal fog. the san mateo coastline and there is the range from 60 to 90 degrees. everybody warming up on average about three to six degrees warmer than today's highs. santa rosa at 82, fairfield upper 08's. around the rim of the bay fog in the morning. clearing skies in to the afternoon. antioch lower 90's. walnut creek upper 80's. livermore 87. san jose -- morgan hill 88. quite a few 70s.
then here we go for the penninsula and san francisco. san francisco the cloud wills be a factor in the morning. skies partly sunny into the afternoon. forecast high of 64. here is a look ahead. the five-day. temperatures -- not a major cooldown but that will be the overall trend for tuesday and wednesday. by wednesday warmest locations inland approaches low to mid80s and the cooling trend will continue into friday. it tempt pretty nice today for a walk so a bit of a change and if you like the warm temperatures you will like tomorrow's forecast. >> we can't give up on summer. we still have september and october which usually is pretty warm. >> yeah. that's of course the peak of fire season so that's always one of the draw backs. at least tomorrow nice and not a major cooldown but still we will shave off a fee degrees. >> everywhere you do people are complaining about how cool the summer has been. shipment they want to vent it toward the weather person.
very been dealing that. >> with kids starting school and its being over. >> and dress in layers, nice in the afternoon. >> thank you. >> we won't blame you. >> not right now. >> as bad as the economy has been san francisco airport having a very goodyear. that's because it's important because it's one of the most important economic engines. tom reports. >> reporter: later this year sfo will hand off the old international terminal to the vendors. it'll help their already healthy condition. >> 6% growth. amazing growth and reflects the new additional flights at virgin america and southwest have added jetblue added a few flights. its been a great service addition. >> reporter: it'll allow for even more rapid growth and add
to the 25,000 jobs the airport directly supports. a substantial part of their growth came because old line carriers united, delta and united states air have consolidated their flights oakland and delta to combine operations and save money. >> i think we will see most of the domestic growth in oakland and san jose. we are currently handling 63% of do mess i can flights. >> reporter: he said nearly 95% of the international travel business will stay right at sfo. another project they will build and operate is it's own combination gas station, fast food and convenience marte to serve as rental car customer. ktvu channel 2news. >> thousands of people came out for the second and final day of outside land's music festival. it wraps up tonight and is held
in golden gate park. today's line up includes kings of leon and phoenix. also on tap food and wine from dozens of local vendors. about 50,000 are expected to attend this year's event. that's down from 100,000 in the past years. this year was changed to be a two day event instead of three days as in year's past. >> coming up next the 49ers kick off your pre-season. >> and giants have a giant problem, the padres. we.
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. good evening. thank you for joining us. the giants looked over matched against the padres again today. they couldn't pitch, couldn't field or hit and padres still own the key to the city. tim struggled again today. he gave up four runs in the second inning on four hits and a walk. tejada didn't hit this one hard but it was in the right spot and a pair of padres come home. tim looses three straight starts for the first time in his career. giants defense took the day off to. third inning, padres on base. bouncing to third. sandoval -- then air mails the throw to first. chase scores to make it 5-0 san diego. that's just to many run for the giants to make up or is it?
teeing off. that is headed for the advise assign. his first homer since july 19th making it a 4-2 game. he three of the four hits today. 6-2 in the 5th -- a solo home run. padres win again 8-2 and lead the west over the giants by three and a half games. padres 10-2 gibbs satisfy this season including 5-1 at at&t park. giants visit st. louis tuesday. senate a's offense on life support. they get three hits yesterday and just three more today. twins pitcher threw a no hitter for seven innings. he gets davis to bounce in to the double play to end the 7th. that was his 106th pitch. he was removed with a no hitter intact. minnesota led 1-0 until blevins serves up this pitch to thome.
4-0 twins. a's finally get their first two hits in the 8th. another double of his own. a's on the board. thoued another. 4-2 the final. a's get swept. taking the loss -- one earned run. carter, he is now 0-19 with ten strike outs in his first week. a's host toronto monday. something happened in the pga championship that has others saying is one dumb sport. dustin johnson who below air three shot lead in the final round fell victim to a quirky rule that left even hard core fans scratching their heads. the wind was blowing hard and remember nick? he started with a three shot lead. he lost it all on the very first hole. he shot a 9-81.
tied for 18th. martin, shot a 2 under 70, making this birdie on the tenth. he finished regulation minus111 waited for the rest to come through. like watson who rushed all day. he birdies his 13th. they finish 11 under, can only hope johnson falters but he birdied 16, then 17 get this is one to drop for another birdie. all he had to do is go and parr18 and win his first major. here is where it gets weird. johnson's t shot lands in the waste bunker. he has to hit a second shot out and ends up boging the hole. he thought it was a three way play off but is he told he grounded his club before he took the second shot. that dirt area is part of a bunker so grounding the club is a two stroke penal. he take ace triple bogie. falls in to a tie for 5th.
. watson need this ball to go on the third hole and it doesn't. that means martin can putt out and win his first tournament ever played in the united states afterwards they asked him what this victory means for germany. he said i'm overwhelmed and i don't even know what it means to me. there he is. the 6th first time major winter the last seven major tournaments. r dustin joins jason and steve in 5th. tiger tied for 28th. sounds like is he still a ryder cup candidate. >> boy like to make the team. i don't think i made it on points. ly have to rely on cory for a pick. >> what would it be without him? mickelson shot the lowest round of the day. he tied for 12th. when we come back niners
kick off the exhibition season against the colts and new guys step up bing . its football next.
. niners open their season today in indianapolis and there were highlights and low lights. manning got his trophy and led indianapolis to so points on 16 plays. this is their very first play from scrimmage. robinson -- mathis recovers. colts back up quarterback was the niners best friend. they intercept him three times. this is smith with a first pick and he has room to roam. 91 yards. the first touchdown of the season. after falling behind 10-0 san francisco runs off the next 34 points. niners new back up quarterback behinds curtis, some like it
hot. tony curtis scoring the 80-yard touchdown. 98 yards, rookie running back dixon rushed for 100-yards on 21 carries. scoring a five yard touchdown. made a nice first impression on hissa attempt. . niners win it, 37-17. niners starting run be back gore didn't play. smith completes three of his nine pass attempts. he was intercepted once and led the offense to two first downs. harvick has a new sponsor. budweiser, then he went out and won a race. sprint cup ran the car faction 400 today. nascar starting to take the image of the wwf, newman -- doing a great job of staying on the track but he isn't happy. harvick passing hamblen with 11 laps to go.
wins his third race of the year and is the first to get a spot in the chase for the cup. newman n to joey's face. officials call it off. warriorwarriors guard curry learned is he one of the 13 finallives for the united states basketball team. tony parker his wife made a guest appearance. these games, are more like an nba all-star game where everybody gets a chance to shine. iguodala goes coast to coast. united states way ahead of france at this point. rondo drives the lane. there is durant with the big slam. 14 points for him. 4th quarter. scoring 19 points. they that's sports as we see it for this early edition of the
sports wrap. martin the winner of the pga playoff. that was a weird tournament. >> for a long time fans even a debate. >> very specific to that golf course and they say those rough areas. i was talking to a friend of mine, we were texting each other and he said that's a waste bunker thank shouldn't be a penalty. it is and on that course. >> thank you fred. >> tonight on the 10:00 news the story of ansel adams negatives has taken a turn. new information on the person who planned to auction them. >> for everybody here, thank you for joining us. have a good night and see you at ten.